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CRACK Sigi - Gerenciamento De Igreja Evang Licas [April-2022]




Christian missionaries in Africa. Africa. Africa. Christian missionaries in the Missionary Position. The Church of Rome and Pagan Africa. This is the home page for: "Gerenciamento de Igreja Evanglica, Walfredo Bastos. Pastor". Please browse through our site for more information about: "Missionary-based Education in Africa" and links to other resources and sources. ELLC (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) has been providing education in Africa for more than 75 years. In the context of the 20th Century missions, ELLC has provided education in many African countries for almost 150 years and helped to start over 40 educational institutions. [ELLC] Our History The history of ELLC in Africa began in January 1949 when the mission of the Lutheran Church in North America (LCNA) voted to extend an invitation to the ELLC to send missionaries to Africa. ELLC leadership accepted the invitation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) began sending missionaries to Africa in July 1949. The first missionaries arrived in Nairobi, Kenya in January 1950, bringing the first 56 children to ELCIC's first two schools in Nairobi. [Source: ELCIC Timeline] A cadre of Canadian Lutheran missionaries and African staff grew to approximately 200 people in the next 10 years, with about 300 students attending the schools. Two ELLC missionaries, Robert P. Williams and Daniel L. Edelman, arrived in Tanganyika, Tanzania in July 1958. The first students there were 40 children in a private boarding school. [ELCIC History] ELLC's first school in the Belgian Congo opened in 1959 in Abessini (now Kisangani). [ELCIC History] ELLC missionaries and staff grew to about 1,500 people in the 1960s, with 450 students attending ELCIC schools in the region. ELLC churches sent pastors and women to help the ELCIC staff to raise funds and establish and expand the schools. In the 1970s, ELCIC missionaries and staff grew to nearly 3,500 people and grew to approximately 2,700 students in the Belgian Congo, the Central African Republic, and Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) [ELCIC History] By 1980, ELCIC had about 5,000 students in its schools, with the largest numbers in the Belgian Congo. In




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CRACK Sigi - Gerenciamento De Igreja Evang Licas [April-2022]

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